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Getting a Sense For... Laura Thrum

February 15, 2021

The definition of Greek word Meraki is “to do something with soul, creativity, or love - the essence of yourself put into your work”. It's clear Laura Thrum lives true to these words, launching Meraki Mats with the mission to motivate others to prioritise their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing with a perfectly formed collection of sustainable wellness accessories. At Del Rainbow Store, the range certainly inspires us to move our bodies and create our own 'Meraki Moments'. We caught up with Laura to see how she's satisfying her senses - a lesson in balance; from wine to mindfulness.

How are you  currently satisfying your senses?

I’m reading… ‘Think like a monk’ by Jay Shetty and slowing chipping away at ‘Meta Human’ by Deepak Chopra (I know probably a little cliche) 

I’m watching... *binge* watching - The Bold Type  

I’m listening… ‘Pretty Lady’ by Tash Sultana - it makes me want to dance and the lyrics ground me when I'm go - go - go! 

I’m eating / drinking... Almond Lattes (probably too many), copious Rose and as much summer fruit as you put in front of me! 

I’m feeling…  malleable - in all aspects of life. I think if we learnt anything from 2020, it would be the importance of fluidity. To adapt and be at ease with whatever is thrown our way is my focal point (challenge) for 2021.

Meraki Cork Yoga Mat

Meraki Seafoam Yoga Mat

Current Location:  

Northern Beaches of Sydney 

Can you share the story, and inspiration behind Meraki Mats? 

The definition of Meraki is “To do something with soul, creativity, or love -- the essence of yourself put into your work”. 

It was early 2020 that I realised I was living my life from a state of fear, so naturally it became my year to “Feel the fear and do it anyway!” 

Long story short; my passion for health and my profession in design aligned and Meraki Mats was born - I set out on a mission to motivate others to prioritise their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. 

How do you hope the Meraki customer feels when using your creations?  

I want to inspire both men and women to show up and surrender to the power of movement (or stillness), and unite a community of like-minded individuals who embody confidence without ego, and consciousness without attachment. 

Describe the Meraki customer in five words.  

*After using our products* our customers are; intentional, fearless, creative, inspired and whole.

Abysse Zale One-piece

Meraki Blush Yoga Mat

It’s the beginning of a new year, with many of us resolving to introduce or stick to new routines. What is your advice for how we can commit to being the best version of ourselves?  

You don't have to undergo a dramatic transformation to evolve. Bring your focus to the current moment, show up for yourself and whether it be a 5 minute meditation or a 90 minute sweaty Vinyasa; it doesn't matter! It is the continual commitment to yourself that will begin to compound. 

The brands at Del Rainbow Store are carefully curated; we align with their authenticity, purpose, and conscious practices. Can you share how Meraki is committed to creating sustainable products? What makes your mats different to others on the market? 

Our products are a modern approach to movement; designed to be an extension to your athleisure wardrobe and ever evolving lifestyle. 

Like our commitment to ourselves, our commitment to sustainability is long term and always evolving. We stand for conscious consumption, timeless design and quality over quantity. It’s our mission to honour the environment without sacrificing comfort, functionality or style. We aren’t perfect, although I believe it is the little things that add up to make a difference. 

Our Essentials Collection is made out of 100% Natural Cork harvested sustainable without the use of toxic glues or adhesives. You can read a little more about ways we are doing our best to show up for the planet here - https://www.merakimats.com/pages/sustainability 

Can you tell us about some of your incredible ambassadors, and what make them Meraki women?  

They are authentic. I want to create a movement that empowers both men and women to be fearlessly authentic - that's when the magic happens! 

Meraki Blush Yoga Mat

Abysse Zale One-piece

Meraki Total Release Kit

Meraki Cork Yoga Mat

What are your favourite Meraki products available at Del Rainbow store, and how do you recommend our customers use them?  

I would have to say the Cork Peanut  (a part of the Total Release Kit) - small but mighty, when I lay back on this little beauty to release between my shoulder blades after a day of work I honestly feel a complete mental release! It proves the connection between the mind and body instantly. 

Then I really struggle to pick a favourite mat! I use the Cork Yoga Mat for my at home pilates/sweaty workouts and then the Lemon Microfibre Yoga Mat is a current Summer favourite - it’s a total vibe! If it gets dirty - just spray and wipe down or throw in the washing on a gentle cycle and hang out to dry! 

What’s next for Meraki?  

I would love to bring the Meraki community together. Nothing would make me feel more proud than to create ‘Meraki Moments’ where we come together on our Meraki Mats and flow, stretch, dance, eat, drink and connect with each other! 

Meraki wellness accessories are now available  at delrainbowstore.com/collections/meraki