The Edit • Alex Draper

May 05, 2021

Like the material she works with, Alex is a contradictory being. Malleable, but made from the strongest substance I know. Gritty and raw, yet can’t-take-your-eyes-away beautiful. Equal parts grounded and other worldly... and like clay, Alex can feel a little wonky sometimes.


During her lifetime Alex has experienced disrupted mental health, which propelled this empathetic soul into a career as a therapist. After more than 8 years of working in rehabilitation, Alex founded MUD - a community-driven initiative that serves as a reminder that it’s okay to feel a little off-balance sometimes, and that if we sit, play, and get connected it can help us, quite literally,rebuild.


We have been lucky enough to take a seat at the MUD community table, and couldn’t be prouder to share the work of this true Wonder Woman. In celebration of our recent MUD x Del Rainbow Store vase workshop, we’re thrilled to share Alex’s favourite DR Store looks. We invite you to get lost in her world as she recognises the transformative power of these special pieces...

"My bedroom has panoramic windows, and every morning in spring when I wake up the lilac tree floods my view. These pyjamas are a cup of tea, a swim in the sea and my lilac tree."

"This piece to me is the most perfect love affair between lingerie and the renaissance. The way fabric would bellow from the arms of the women of the 1890's. And how we all have that piece of perfectly curated lingerie we want to wear to the supermarket (just me?) It's like the night has run away with the late eighteen hundreds one summer morning and we're all secretly happy about it. I know I am. "



"My perfect Autumnal dress has finally been conceived. It's like Sleeping with Jacques has been sleeping with me and in doing so has mined my subconscious. The rule breaker is found in the fabric rather than the pattern. I love that the boldness of The Sylvia is located in unassuming places. The velvet, the shade, the cuff. It's everything."

"Over the past year I have developed an insatiable need for wearable elements that transport me emotionally from 'cabin fever' to 'Breakfast at Tiffanys'. Gliding around the house in these clouds have been the scaffolding to my emotional stability. And fur free so you don't have to wrap your hooves in somebody else's."

"The dress that kisses a curve like no other. Remember 'Sisterhood of the travelling pants"? This is it, but in a dress (and much more high end) I have seen this piece on women of so many shapes and it does no wrong. The skill that it requires to formulate a piece that, to me, celebrates every skin, every ripple, every age, every body, is encompassed."