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The Edit ・ Dena Amy

October 12, 2021



During Byron’s recent lockdown Dena Amy graced our Zoom screens — recreating her beloved ‘Twerk after Werk’ class for our own Del Rainbow dance crew. A self-described ‘music maker’ and ‘booty shaker’ this covers just a glimmer of Dena’s talent, a woman who’s starred on screens far more impressive than our laptops, including television series Dance Academy. Alongside impressive appearances as a DJ, dancer, actor, and teacher, Dena is also a fierce voice for mental health — reminding us all the importance of radical self-love and acceptance. It is with great honour that we introduce you to Dena, and share her favourite Del Rainbow Store pieces: a multi-sensory selection that serve as a reminder to appreciate life, and it’s limitless opportunity. 




The Ritual, Manifestor Kit   

In love with this manifestation kit. I have really been practising my meditation, manifestation and energy clearing work so this gorgeous package answers all my sacred prayers! 



Carrie Case, iPhone Case, Paperbark

Loving my long walks on the beach at the moment during lockdown and this is the only accessory I need. It's the easiest thing for a dance floor rave too when they come back.. answers the question of how do I dance hands free! 

Deiji Studios, 03 Set, Blush

I'm really enjoying beautiful fabrics and minimal loose fitting items at the moment, the colour feels so pure too. Makes me feel clean and clear.

Lu Goldie, Ruby Frames, Cola

JLO vibes, adore these, the colour is so expensive and LA hot. You know what I mean… matches with everything too. 

Happy Society, Self Space Mist

Yummiest thing to smell, loving my simple clear spaces at the moment and clearing them with amazing smells and treating my SELF and my sacred space and all my senses.