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SURYO - Wizard of Love - Black

Things you should know;

The Wizard of Love is a semi-structured crescent-like silhouette which fits perfectly under your arm.

Sewn from buttery-soft black satin, The Wizard of Love is accented with three silver sea stars, and a geometric beaded handle (think Twinkle Twinkle!).

Measurements (body width, base width, body height, full length inc. handle, handle length) 22cm, 30cm, 16cm, 29cm, 41cm

Sustainability Attributes;

All SURYO pieces are hand made by female artisans in Indonesia, utilising traditional weaving and crochet techniques, taking 17 hours to craft. These skillsets have been passed down through generations of artisan women. 

Product Care 

Suryo is made with care to be handled with care. When wearing your Suryo product avoid sharp objects and rough surfaces as our products are delicate and individual due to the artisanal nature of hand making. When your Suryo product is not being used it is best to be stored in a Suryo dust bag. As all Suryo products are handmade some variations are to be expected, each and every product is purely unique, allowing slight differences to the finish and application of trims.

A care label is included with each product specifying whether they can be hand washed or dry cleaned as it is dependent on the fabric composition and the embellishments.


Suryo styles are hand crocheted using the highest quality yarns, beads and pearls. Construction is made using reliable wiring that is sturdy and durable. We recommend avoiding hard impact, as this can put stress on the wire stitching and could lead to damage and decrease the longevity of your Suryo product. Avoid placing your hand crocheted Suryo product on abrasive surfaces as this could cause accidental pulling and erosion of the beads causing discolouration.


Our satin styles are sewn from buttery soft fabric. Avoid abrasive surfaces, sharp objects and liquids.


We use a variety of dreamy embellishments to make our bags extra special. We recommend avoiding abrasive surfaces and liquids in order to keep your Suryo bag beautiful, shiny and in the same condition as purchased.

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