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Marloe Marloe

Lucie Charcoal

Decorative & Functional LUCIE is ceramicist, Marloe Morgan's take on the traditional vase. LUCIE is the perfect addition to your space, for florals or as a stand alone decorative piece. 

Things you should know; 

  • Lucie is handmade and in a CHARCOAL Matte glaze, a true minimalist piece. 
  • The charcoal colourway explores the relationship between form and shadow, light and dark, depth and space.
  • This exploration of contrast is expressed through play, with glaze application and technique
  • The movement and scattering of light on the surface of our Charcoal vessels is a layer of minute calcium silicate crystals, you’ll love the way the light captures the glaze on the form of the vessel. 
  • Glaze will vary from piece-to-piece resulting in unique and individual creations, each perfect in their imperfection.
  • Produced from the highest quality stoneware, in-house studio glaze recipes and twice fired to vitrification. 

Sustainability attributes; 

Designed in Australia & crafted by hand in Indonesia, the individuals who craft Marloe Marloe forms are more than just the hands that shape & mould, they are highly skilled & creative ceramicists with a deep connection to traditional craftsmanship. They pride themselves on attention to detail, refined craftsmanship and conscious production. Each piece holding the intention of both us and the individual who made it.