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MERAKI MAT - Lemon Yoga Mat

You are the sun! Lemon yellow yoga mat with three white stripes running down the centre providing the ultimate guide to help you refine and master your alignment.

Carefully selected suede microfibre for its non-slip, sweat absorbent qualities. The best part? The more you move, the better the grip.

Complete with a strap for ease of carrying. 

Things you should know;

  • 1630 x 610 x 3mm
  • Microfibre mats are washing machine safe - use a cold, delicate wash coupled with a gentle detergent for the best result.
  • Sweat absorbent (you’ll never need a towel)
  • Naturally antimicrobial (low maintenance)
  • 100% natural rubber base featuring anti-slip grooves


  • Cleaning is easy - simply spray your mat with a water based solution and wipe down after every use
  • Leave mat to air dry or pat dry with a clean towel.
  • When you’re finished Store your mat by rolling it up with the microfibre surface facing outwards. Store it in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sun exposure.

Sustainability Attributes;

Conscious consumption, timeless design and quality over quantity. It’s Meraki's mission to honour the environment without sacrificing comfort, functionality or style.

Cork yoga mats and accessories are made using 100% natural cork oak harvested sustainably.  Cork is the outer bark of the Cork Oak Tree - no trees are cut down to harvest this ultra durable, renewable material.

Avoiding the use of nasty chemicals and toxins by opting for a high temperature adhesive to bond the natural rubber bases of each mat to the cork or microfibre layers.

Packaged in 100% recyclable ash paper and cardboard boxes.

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