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The Edit • Penelope Benson

February 02, 2021

Penelope Benson isn't quite what you'd expect. Her milky long limbs, drape of glossy hair, eyes so blue they give The Pass a run for its money, andthat smile... are telling of her status as an international model. But delve deeper and you'll discover PB is a woman of many, many talents. 'Model Agent, Producer and Grocer' (she is also the founder of homecoming.store) just skims the surface. She is the ultimate Del Rainbow muse - being in her presence makes you laugh, feel unapologetically proud to be a woman, and deeply thankful for this beautiful life. Seeing her glorious figure in pieces from Del Rainbow Store was a defining moment, and we're proud to share her top five looks - a reminder to us all the importance of dressing up (even if just to stay in), and that no outfit is complete without self love.


Wearing this I feel super sexy and a little bit extra and it reminded me that i actually love (and miss) dressing up. Because Byron. 


Wearing this I feel… subtly powerful and sophisticated and like i have my shit together... i feel like all two-pieces have a way of making me feel like this. 


Wearing this I feel… quietly sexy in an unintentional way, if that makes sense... the craftsmanship of this piece definitely also made me feel as special as what i was wearing.


Wearing this I feel… confident as i felt held in and with the added bonus of feeling super sporty and athletic as all wetsuits should! Again, not something i would usually go for until i tried it.

Wearing this I feel… like a character out of Boogie Nights. I actually need to buy these!