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Getting a Sense For... Jacqui Hoang, founder of Sleeping with Jacques

January 20, 2021

Sleeping with Jacques was created with the sole intention to empower womenand if you've ever worn Jacqui's signature Bon Vivant Robe & Velvet Bottom you'll know this to be true. Del Rainbow founder, Bianca Gregg once donned the plush set on a multi-stopover flight from Byron to LA. By the time the plane landed in the City of Angels, she'd lost count at how many compliments she'd received, and what's more - she'd never slept better. As if you needed more of an excuse to invest in a luxury pair of pyjamas, SWJ is also in proud partnership with UN WOMEN AUSTRALIA to help ensure that everyone everywhere, regardless of gender, has the same opportunity to lead, to learn, to earn a decent living and to live a life free from violence and discrimination. We couldn't be prouder to have SWJ at Del Rainbow Store and to encourage women the world over to chase their dreams. 

I’m reading… The Passion of Isis and Osiris; Jean Houston. I love mythology. 

I’m watchingI love watching documentaries on ancient civilisation. Especially reading about Isis and Osiris at the moment where they were revered in Egyptian time. 

I’m listeningI am currently stuck in the 90s. At the moment it’s Lauryn Hill live in Japan ’99.. My music taste is very eclectic, usually dictated by my mood. 

I’m drinking I start the day with lemon juice mixed with apple vinegar and then enjoy tea through out the day. 

I’m eating... Currently obsessed with the the Miso salmon from Fishbowl. I am there pretty much every second day.

I'm feeling...joyous and peaceful. I think listening to Lauryn Hill on my morning walking has a lot to do with it! Highly recommend it! 

What inspired you to create Sleeping With Jacques? What is your ‘WHY’ behind the brand?

Sleeping with Jacques is my ode to women the world over. It’s my way of celebrating women, championing women and creating something for women to feel good. I felt this was important to start in the home, in the bedroom where it is intimately starting a relationship with my customer where it is just about her. I wanted to create something that would excite women from my selections of luxurious silky fabrics and form considered designs that contours perfectly making everything feel really good. I wanted to be there for women to sleep well and dream big. In achieving this my hope was that women would start investing in herself, dressing for herself, and feeling good about herself. I believe when we make these choices to look after ourself and take our pleasures seriously our joie de vivre permeates in our day to day and that is when we are able to create a magical world. My inspiration for Sleeping with Jacques is women, because they are simply magical.

Can you describe your partnership with UN Woman Australia and what it means to you?

When creating Sleeping with Jacques I needed to have a strong sense of purpose. Though fashion is my calling I wanted to be connected to community. From inception a giveback model was built into the business which gave me that sense of purpose and drive. Sleeping with Jacques initially started with donations to the Asylum Seeker Resource centre. As Sleeping with Jacques grew we started collaborating with UN Women ambassadors. This year we were able to officiate our partnership with UN WOMEN as they celebrate 10 years. Sleeping with Jacques is in proud partnership with UN WOMEN AUSTRALIA who at the heart of their work is ensuring that everyone everywhere, regardless of gender, has the same opportunity to lead, to learn, to earn a decent living and to live a life free from violence and discrimination, and ethos that aligns with the purpose of why Sleeping with Jacques was created.

The Bon Vivant Robe, Blue Depths

What are your key sustainability focal points within the SWJ world?

Sleeping with Jacques ensures a good nights sleep that is also good for the soul. We are committed as a young label to always learn and improve our practices where possible. Our decision to use Silk is because it is one of the lowest carbon foot print fabrications available. It is also highly bio-degradable taking a couple of years to break down as opposed to other fabrications that takes a hundred years, or more to break down. Our silks are OEKO-TEX approved and our factory’s are BSCI and SEDDEX approved. Our supply chain uses DIN certified compostable and biodegradable packaging which breaks down in the compost in days. Sleeping with Jacques uses responsibly sourced materials with the aim of eliminating plastic material wherever possible in our commitment to the environment. Sleeping with Jacques feels good for the body and the soul because of our selection of luxurious silk fabrication whilst supporting sustainable and ethical production.

What makes each SWJ piece unique?

Every piece at Sleeping with Jacques is designed with the you in mind. Comfort is created with care, a sensory experience is our highest priority and every little detail is considered. At Sleeping With Jacques we value our relationship with you. When you choose to sleep with Jacques we want to make sure you know we are there for you to sleep well and dream big. A little love note is included inside each piece to remind you that:“Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them.”At Sleeping with Jacques we are all about the love, so we placed a little red heart on our sleeve as our little gentle reminder to “wear your heart on your sleeve” and do what you love, with love - always.

The Brontë Bodysuit, Desert Sage

How do you come up with your designs/who or what inspires these?

I am always inspired by women. Their desires, hopes, needs and dreams. My latest collection Romantic Virtue; is my exploration of the strengths of being a women.Sensuality oozes as design lines aims to accentuate the curves of the feminine without compromising comfort. These designs highlight the way a woman can move, the way she can dance, be joyous and still feel free and at ease to lounge and slip into her slumber when her day is done.

How do you wear YOUR SWJ? What are your current favourite SWJ pieces on rotation?

The Bon Vivant Robe and Velvet Bottom Pant is the SWJ signature take on a power suit. It has been introduced again in Navy and Sage in the Resort collection. I believe this set is a must have in every woman's wardrobe. I live in this at home and it is my go to outfit for a dinner party or out for cocktails where I pair with slip on heels and chunky gold earrings. There really is nothing that exudes luxe hedonism like this ensemble and I believe it is our purpose in life to take our pleasure seriously.I love wearing my Freudian slip with a pair of slides and my hair pulled back for that 90s minimalist look. I absolutely love anything in the Osiris story. It feels so sexy to wear at home and it translates when you wear it out, the dress is my go to dinner date outfit with a pair of mules and denim jacket.

What feeling do you hope SWJ creates in your wearer and community?

I hope to break the paradigm of women’s thinking when it comes to how they dress. I hope to refocus women's investment into what makes them feel good as opposed to uncomfortable outfits that they wear once for an event and then never wear again. I hope they come to appreciate the investment into pieces that can be worn at home daily that feel good and look good.

Velvet Bottom, Blue Depths

What has been your most memorable achievement as a brand?

Nothing makes me prouder than when a customer reaches out to tell me that Sleeping with Jacques makes them feel amazing, beautiful and empowered. That is my biggest sense of achievement and I actually do a little YES dance as that means everything to me!

What future goals do you have for SWJ?

The intention of Sleeping with Jacques is to build a relationship with my customers. I want to connect with them and I want to get intimate with them and know their deepest desires and dreams. The bedroom is the most intimate place where we exist. It is safe. It is home. It is where we relax, create, pleasure and dream. I am in the courting process with my customer. They are getting to know SWJ bit by bit each season as I continue to court my customers with a serenade with each collection whilst learning more and more about their needs. As we grow together; Sleeping with Jacques will be the place of inspiration where we will talk to influential women that have dared to dream big and chase their dreams. Sleeping with Jacques will be a space where we will talk to experts in their field of all things relating to intimacy, pleasure and our deepest desires and dreams and what women need to support those important areas in our lives. Women the world over will be excited to be Sleeping with Jacques.

Can you share your top five pieces from the new DR Store?

1. This season it is definitely the Brontë Bodysuit. Do yourself the favour and put that piece on whilst playing Kate Bush and dance as if no one is watching!

2. The Fur-Free Fur Slippers I cannot live without!

3. The Lenny Suit is my go to outfit for work or out for dinner. It’s a chocolate dream!

4. The Sylvia Blouseis such an easy outfit with jeans.

5. The Freudian Slip with slides and hair pulled back for the 90s minimalist look.