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Spiritual Growth, Surrender, Balancing Chakras, Happiness

Things you should know; 

At the end of the Arrow lays a pot of happiness.

Peacock Ore is a colorful little mineral that evokes joy as soon as we look at it. Containing the colors of the rainbow it resonates with all our chakras and channels a very uplifting kind of energy. Peacock Ore is known as a stone of joy as it helps with spiritual development as it cleanses our body of energetic blockages. When life gets too serious, this specimen allows us to tap into a more playful space. 

Sustainability attributes; 

Peacock Ore has been sourced by hand from Tasmania, Australia.

All Zalah crystals are ethically sourced directly from the caves and mines around India, Pakistan, and Australia by three well-respected suppliers that we work with - Peter, Ziyad & Bruce. Without having a middle man between Zalah and our very skilled and hardworking crystal hunting team, we can really ensure fair treatment and helping them, their families, and the local community around them. Witnessing their personal and professional growth during the work with Zalah is definitely one of the biggest satisfactions and one of the main values of our company.